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1 tiny boat, 2 men, 33 days, 300 miles at sea!

1 tiny boat, 2 men, 33 days, 300 miles at sea!

Two men were found weakened but in reasonable condition after spending over an entire month out in the middle of the pacific ocean aboard a tiny boat.

The men, aged 53 and 26, were found washed up on an isolated atoll in the Marshall Islands.

As odd as it may seem, the Marshall Islands hosts Kiribas drifters quite frequently” – said the editor of the Marshall Islands Journal, Giff Johnson

Reaching the Namdrik Atoll turned out to be fateful for Uein Buranibwe, 53, and Temaei Tontaake, 26, because they not only survived but also found a descendant of their missing uncle there.

On Nov. 25 2011, the Namdrik residents took them to the only person in the atoll who spoke their language and she turned out to be a descendant of Tontaake’s uncle Bairo, who was lost at sea from Marakei in the 1950s. The uncle landed in the atoll and stayed marrying a native.

“Now we know what happened to my uncle,” said Tontaake, according to Courier Mail.

The two were sailing home at night from a neighboring Kiribati atoll 50 kilometres away when they got lost on Oct. 22. In the next 33 days, they survived by eating tuna and drinking salt water.

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  1. WOW!!!

    What are the odds? Truly?

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