Believe It or Not!
Anyone Hungry?

Anyone Hungry?

What is What When It Comes to Skulls??

Asmat. A word that long scared people. Asmat is a word that became a synonym for cannibals. Asmat is a tribe whose members in the time of war ate brains of their enemies mixed with sago worms from their halved skulls. A son of New York governor disappeared in the territory of the Asmat tribe. Asmat used to use human skulls instead of a pillow. Asmat, is a word which evokes more than respect

The Dayak, Ifugao and Naga human skulls are head hunting trophies. The Asmat, Vanuatu and Palawan human skulls are also considered “ancestor skulls”. The main difference between the two is that head hunter heads are acquired from enemy victims.

Ok … the main difference REALLY is that you are either remembered fondly or you are dinner. Believe It or Not!

 Inside the Ripley’s Warehouse

Since today is Halloween, I took a quick trip to the second floor of the warehouse and took some photos of a few of the skulls that are part of Ripley’s collection.  There is a mix of cannibal, ancestral and trophy skulls in this set. Enjoy some of the fascinating and truly remarkable pieces in this sample and be thankful you do not have to worry about ending up as a display atop someone’s hut.

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Author: Otelo

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  2. Thats beastly awesome

  3. very cute!!!

  4. I'M NOT A TROOL says:

    that’s creepperz

  5. Weird creepy and out of the whole world this RIPLEYS EXHIBIT dose looks strange I wonder

  6. awesome but grose beleive it or not

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