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A Boxing Believe It or Not!

With his unanimous-decision victory over an opponent 18 years younger than himself,  Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins, at the age of 46, became the oldest boxing champion to ever win a major world title!

The “real” Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins, the oldest fighter to ever win a major world championship and a long-time Ripley’s fan, spent two days in July having a full body wax casting made as the first step in the creation of his likeness. The one unveiled here today will be a part of a future Believe It or Not! exhibit of Hopkins at one of the worldwide Believe It or Not! Odditoriums.

Immortalizing a Boxing Legend

Ripley’s decided to create the figure of Hopkins and to honor him as a living Believe It or Not! following his unbelievable victory over the younger Pascal in May. During the 1930s and 1940s one of Robert Ripley’s favorite subjects to write about and illustrate was boxing and the decision to honor Hopkins reflects the company’s rich heritage and tradition in that sport. It also continues Ripley’s uncanny practice of being able to find the most amazing and unbelievable people, places, things and accomplishments around the world.

A second wax figure of Hopkins is nearly finished and will soon travel to Philadelphia where it will be put on display in Hopkins East Coast home.

“It is a great honor to be recognized by Ripley’s and I look forward to having the figure in my trophy room alongside my belts and other boxing memorabilia,” Hopkins noted. “I am going to put it under a beautiful light, but it is not going to be too hot for fear of melting my better half.”

Hopkins, a future Hall of Fame two-time light heavyweight champion and former undisputed middleweight champion, became the oldest fighter at 46-years old, in boxing history to win a major world championship with his unanimous decision victory over 28-year-old Jean Pascal on May 21, 2011. He broke the previous world record set by former heavyweight champion George Foreman 16 years ago—Believe It or Not!

The rest of the Story

Even the Saturday fight (October 15th 2011) had an unbelievable twist, when Bernard went down to the canvas and dislocated his shoulder making it impossible for him to continue the fight. Dawson won the fight by default, however, Hopkins is already planning his comeback to challenge and reclaim his title. Unbelievable? Believe It!

Can the boxing legend come back & reclaim his title again?

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  1. oh fuck that’s cool

  2. i mean that came out wrong

  3. i lov it iam glad that they r reconizing him

  4. Aimee the Awesome says:

    I like his shoes

  5. mikkel stausholm says:

    hopkins is amazing!! the smartest boxer of all time and my favorit

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