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Cat Gets Summoned For Jury Duty

Cat Gets Summoned For Jury Duty

Since the Boston municipal census allows you to list your pets, Anna and Guy Esposito did just that and listed their cat  Sal. Unfortunately now Sal has been called to jury duty.

“Anna filed to have her pet disqualified from the service requirement on the grounds he is “unable to speak and understand English.” She even included a letter from her vet explaining that Sal is not a human being but a “domestic short-haired neutered feline,”

Apparently being a cat isn’t dissuading them from forcing Sal to report, as the court rejected their request to excuse.

Source: Oddculture

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Author: Dan Philibin

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  1. that cat is exactly like my cat

  2. that cat is exactly like my catttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. my cat is famousssseee

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