Believe It or Not!
Corpse Flower - The Largest Flower in the World

Corpse Flower – The Largest Flower in the World

Meet Amorphophallus Titanum

This giant claims the title of the plant with the largest unbranched flower in the world. Believe It or Not! Its huge flowering structure (inflorescence) rises over 8.2 feet above the ground!

The Largest and the Smelliest

Due to its odor, which is similar to the smell of a decomposing animal, this behemoth of the plant world is also known as the “corpse flower”.

It is not completely certain why they release the foul smells, but it could have something to do with attracting possible pollinators.

Worth the Wait

These rare plants, while in the wild, only bloom every 30 to 40 years! Every time there is a “scheduled” flowering, huge crowds of people gather to witness the amazing event.

As gorgeous and amazing as they look, we recommend you bring a hankie, or a mask if you are planning on witnessing one of these rare flowers blooming. Unless you happen to enjoy the smell of rotting flesh. Unbelievable? Believe It!

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Author: Otelo

2 Comments to “Corpse Flower – The Largest Flower in the World”
  1. This flower is only found in the tropical rain forest. It’s insides are a beautiful blood red. The foul smell comes from an acid inside it uses to dissolve it’s prey alive. It has been known to eat insects and frogs and such. It is very rare and is the largest flower ever discovered.

  2. linda wesley says:

    Beautiful pics of Corpse flower…very informative article.

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