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Darling, I Know You Stabbed Me And All, But...Would You Marry Me?

Darling, I Know You Stabbed Me And All, But…Would You Marry Me?

A knife attacker who thrusted an 8-inch blade into her boyfriend’s back has accepted her victim’s marriage proposal while she stood trial in court for the crime she committed against him! Gregory Todd, a chef who almost died after being knifed in his sleep by his girlfriend Tiffany Baillie says he will marry her as soon as she leaves the prison gates after a judge jailed her for three years.

Todd had to wait 24 ‘painstaking’ hours for an answer, seeing as communication with his attacker was hard to come by.

Having relayed the proposal through his girlfriend’s barrister he was told ‘YES’ by Baillie during a telephone call from Newhall Prison.

After the judge slammed his gavel, Todd told reporters:

“I hoped to give her the ring today, if she had got a suspended sentence. I asked the judge if I could give it to her in court, but he said no. The barrister took the ring to the cells and she tried it on. It fits. Now I have got the ring back but no Tiffany.”

Baillie had been very depressed after having a miscarriage when she stabbed Todd who spent about three months in hospital after the attack with a damaged pancreas and spleen.

Despite Baillie’s condition at the time of the attack, the judge sentenced her on the basis that he has fully recovered or nearly recovered from the attack. “The offense was aggravated by the use of a knife and the fact he was asleep at the time of the stabbing.”

Mr Todd said:

“I will wait for her. If it is right that she will come out in a year that means 52 more visits. We will get married then. Tiffany is a wreck in prison. I think the most important thing is she comes home. She has a son Jordon waiting for her. It is his birthday on Friday.”

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13 Comments to “Darling, I Know You Stabbed Me And All, But…Would You Marry Me?”
  1. Charles Hasley says:

    that guy is nuts.

  2. sakiem winston says:

    wtf is wrong with him

  3. ….im glad i dumped my ex-girlfriend…..she was kinda crazy too….im sorry for whoever dates her and gets a 8-inch blade shoved in their back

  4. those are super stupid peaple I MEAN IT!


  6. The idiots are the worst kid of sadist masochists.

  7. Kelramorta says:


  8. Really?Thats a stupid idea.God only knows if she’ll do something worse and he wants to risk that??????


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