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Driving Mr. Bailey the Buffalo
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Driving Mr. Bailey the Buffalo

At almost six feet tall at the hump, eight feet long and weighing 1800 pounds, Bailey junior is quite possibly the world’s largest domestic pet.

Owned by Jim and Linda Fautner at their Spruce Grove property in Canada’s Alberta province, the three year old brute is a local and international celebrity.

The Plains Bison buffalo may be huge, but like most three-and-a-half-year-olds all he wants to do is play.

For a treat, Bailey Jr is sometimes even driven round in Mr Saunton's specially converted 1987 Pontiac Bonneville.

When he isn’t lying on the floor inside watching television, Bailey Jr is busy being chased around by his owner Jim Fautner on a quad bike at their property in Spruce Grove in Alberta, Canada.

Bailey is just another house pet


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Author: Otelo

6 Comments to “Driving Mr. Bailey the Buffalo”
  1. IN the US he just might get a ticket for transporting an unrestrained animal in a motor vehicle.

  2. I hope this bison is house-trained!

  3. I love huge animals and that was really huge………Its awesome…..

  4. Really a buffalo thing as a pet wouldnt last me

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