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Flexible Sculptures

Flexible Sculptures

Pure White Paper

Li Hongbo’s sculptures will make you look twice.  First glance you think they are carved from hard stone, but look again…Hongbo’s sculptures are nothing more than thousand’s of pieces of paper glued together!

Hongbo got his inspiration from Chinese paper toys that become unique shapes when they are pulled.  He brought a few of  the toys home and experimented to see how they worked.

The bust shown here is made from over 30,000 pieces of delicate paper glued together.  He then uses an electric saw to carve the human shape.

Besides being an accomplished artist,  Hongbo is also a book editor and designer. He likes to juxtapose a stretched piece next to a still piece to show “the endless possibilities of paper.”

Watch the video posted at the top of the blog.  The pieces in movement is amazing!

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Author: suzanne

4 Comments to “Flexible Sculptures”
  1. Christel Platt says:

    I am pleasantly surprised at the things we are learning to do with paper. Many people do not know or realize that back centuries ago they used paper as body armor. When tested on a TV Show it was proven to stand up against arrows, bullets, and swords. The only thing that seemed to deter it was water, yet researchers believe that they had some kind of trick, or solution to coat it in to make it more versatile and waterproof.The body armor looked like a fish’s scales,layered one layer upon another, overlapping slightly the full length of the chest, its a must see if you havent seen these works of art!! *Referring to the works of art in the above article, amazing, simply amazing and inspiring to see human creativity, and resourcefulness!

  2. amazing use of paper. True art!

  3. Dat is reakky cool…!

  4. Demi-Leigh Harrison says:

    Fascinating! Might try this one day!(more like attempt)

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