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Flying Bicycle

Flying Bicycle

Up, Up, and Away

Bike takes flight

The dream of the Jetsons flying car might not be that far away! At least three Czech companies are almost there. They have gotten together and created a prototype of an electric bicycle. The bicycle made its first successful remote-controlled test flight in Prague. It was actually able to fly for nearly 6 minutes! Check out the video above to watch it!

However, 6 minutes is obviously not quite long enough. The companies are working on extending that to a 50 full minutes and the bike will be topping speeds of about 30 miles per hour. Not bad, especially considering you don’t have to pedal.

I want that!

Jealous of the driver? Don’t be. You’re not allowed to pilot this aircraft just yet. The person you see on the bike is actually a lightweight dummy. Since the giant propellers make this bicycle weigh over 200 pounds, it is not yet flyable with the additional weight of a human.

I must say, my fingers are crossed that we can start to drive these around soon, I have some traffic I’d like to fly over on my way home tonight!

3D model of the FBike

3D model of the FBike

Electric Flying Bicycle mid flight


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Author: lauren

3 Comments to “Flying Bicycle”
  1. Far to cumbersome to be of any value to anyone. Should have tried for a smaller helicopter like bike.

  2. It said at the start of this article that “The dream of the Jetsons flying car might not be that far away.” Actually, they have already made the first flying car. Look up, ” The Transition – Terrafugia. There will be a link in those same terms.

  3. Demi-Leigh Harrison says:

    Not really any use to humans until they make it suitable to actually ride

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