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Impaled Through the Head with a Spearfishing Gun

Impaled Through the Head with a Spearfishing Gun

Apparently is not just running with scissors that can cause problems

A Miami teen who was impaled in the forehead in a spearfishing gun accident is very, very lucky, according to surgeons who were able to remove the long piece of metal that was lodged all the way through his brain. The fishing spear entered Yasser Lopez’s head about an inch above his right eye!

16-year-old Yasser Lopez is recovering well and he will likely rehabilitate without additional surgery.

Dr. Garcia explains the injury
Doctors say the report noted that both boys “woke up” to find that Lopez had a spear in his forehead, suggesting that Lopez lost consciousness initially and that the friend may have passed out in shock.

Dr. George Garcia displayed an X-ray of Lopez’s skull that shows the spear went all the way through his head at an angle and exited the other side.

“It’s a striking injury, something you don’t see everyday — a patient arriving awake and speaking with a 3-foot spear through his head,” Garcia said. “The first obstacle is to not be distracted by the obvious sensational aspect of the injury.”

Before & After X-Rays
Doctors interviewed Lopez’s family and learned that the spear had an unscrewable tip so during a 3-hour surgery, surgeons were able to carefully remove the spear without causing more injury. They also placed an artificial sleeve around the tip so that the spear’s barb would not deploy.

Bullock said Lopez is now sitting up in bed and speaks a little, commenting on his pain level and lack of feeling in his left side. Lopez will leave the Intensive Care Unit Monday and faces 2 to 3 months of rehab.

Unbelievable? Believe it!

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  1. Oh my God!! Unbelievable, i mean its a miracle i he’d survived it. Nature is nature!! no match for it.

  2. ya that got of hurt and i think it is so sad.;(

  3. Oh. Poor guy to suffer through that!

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