Believe It or Not!
Living Among the Dead?

Living Among the Dead?

A megacity where the living must share with the dead

Manila North Cemetery is the largest Philippine National Cemetery, also lived here thousands of Philippine poor people.

This public cemetery is not silence and ghastly, and every day it is a tremendous hubbub, formed the Philippines features graveyard slums.

There is no official record about the history of the graveyard inhabitants. They only use a iron sheet as rain shield.  Children sometimes sleep in marble headstone and also do their homework there.

“It’s much more peaceful and quiet.”

Ricky Baking, serves “eviction” notices to the dead whose relatives cannot the rent payments for the grave plot. He cracks the marble lids open and pulls the evicted dead out to make room for a “new tenant”.

The crypt where his family of seven sleeps is barely bigger than a garden shed, but it’s furnished with every modern convenience: there’s a fridge, a DVD player, electric fans and a built-in toilet. His youngest daughter was a little frightened when they moved here four years ago, he says, but they now find it easy to forget the body buried beneath its floor. In a city with too many people, this is a decent place to live.

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Author: Otelo

6 Comments to “Living Among the Dead?”
  1. David Archuleta was in the Philipines! He couldve gone there!

  2. they are just stupid and bloody.

  3. ~sing so happy not sad..

  4. Romeo Lacson Jr says:

    Residence building More fun in the Philippines :-)

  5. Ellie May says:

    It’s not stupid, it’s not like they have any other option’s. It’s actually quite sad.

  6. I promise my self, if i am lucky here in abroad i help them..

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