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Man Suffers Heart Attack...While Eating "Triple Bypass Burger"

Man Suffers Heart Attack…While Eating “Triple Bypass Burger”

A man suffered a heart attack while eating the illustrious 6,000 calorie meal appropriately named the “Triple Bypass Burger.” Most restaurants would deliberately shy away from unhealthy stigmas of unhealthy food but NOT the “Heart Attack Grill” in Las Vegas, NV.

With slogans like “This establishment is bad for your health” and “Taste Worth Dying For,” there’s no denying that what happen this past February is probably not that surprising.

As the incident took place, patrons inside the restaurant thought it was all an act. Until waitress (ironically dressed as a nurse) Tracy Chamberlin dialed 911.

“I had people ask me, ‘Is this a stunt, do you do this on a regular basis? (I said,) ‘No, it’s not a stunt, this is for real, this man is sick.’”

The restaurant is known for its life-threatening food options
, and signs around the eatery actually promote unhealthy eating. Menu items include:

  • Flatliner Fries
  • Butterfat Milkshakes
  • Quadruple Bypass Burgers
  • Triple Bypass Burgers
  • Double Bypass Burgers
  • Single Bypass Burgers

The gentleman that suffered the heart attack
went for the Triple Bypass Burger which is a 6,000-calorie artery-clogging hamburger, weighs in at 1.5 pounds, and comes stacked with three huge burger patties, cheese, special sauce, a red onion, a sliced tomato, and up to 15 strips of bacon! In other words, the Triple Bypass Burger is a heart attack waiting to happen! And a Las Vegas tourist learned that the hard way when he collapsed while eating one.

John Basso, the owner of the restaurant who also plays along with the theme of the restaurant by dressing up in a full doctor’s uniform, says he has no regrets about how he runs his restaurant.

“I am here to tell you straight out I am here to make a buck,” he said

- adding that other restaurants serve unhealthy food too. He’s just more honest about how unhealthy his food is.

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Author: Christian

4 Comments to “Man Suffers Heart Attack…While Eating “Triple Bypass Burger””
  1. Charles Hasley says:

    No thank you

  2. Wow, I guess the name should have given it away for him! That is why eating healthy is so important. But it is not the restaraunts fault….they are only serving what the people are wanting!

  3. Jose Garcia says:

    Well he got what he paid for, a heart attack

  4. Ha ha ha ha. I was laughing while reading this. Not because I’m a horrible person, just from reading about the restaurant. Heart Attack Grill? I don’t know how it stays in business!

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