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Nik Wallenda's Death-Defying Feat Over Baltimore's Inner Harbor!

Nik Wallenda’s Death-Defying Feat Over Baltimore’s Inner Harbor!

A death-defying feat over the Inner Harbor, in Baltimore, Maryland. Thousands watched as a member of the world-famous Flying Wallenda family walked a tightrope that was just one inch wide for the length of a football field over the water. Check out the amazing video above!

Wallenda Reprises Great Grandfather’s Walk Across the Harbor as Ripley’s Officially Announces its Newest Family Attractions are set to Open in June.

Nik Wallenda walks over Baltimore's Inner Harbor

The walk was to celebrate the opening of Ripley’s Believe It or Not at the Inner Harbor. For this daredevil, it’s just a warmup act. This was his final walk before he attempts to cross Niagara Falls on a high wire.

“There is extreme amounts of mist at times. It will be live in prime time, so I have a lot of things to contend with for that one,” Wallenda said.

“Here, a boat or something could grab him. God forbid; hope they would never. But Niagara Falls, that’s a little different,” said former circus worker Ronnie King.

Nik Wallenda, 33, is a seventh-generation member of the Wallenda family, famous for its high wire acts, whose great-grandfather Karl Wallenda walked over the Inner Harbor in 1973. This will be Nik’s final performance before his historic attempt to walk across Niagara Falls on June 15.


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  1. I dunno man….1″ wide, maybe only 20′ high, over soft water? Doesn’t look exactly “Death Defying” to me. 1/2″ wide, 100′ up, over a parking lot….now THAT would get my attention.

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