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Oxford University's Hunt for the Yeti

Oxford University’s Hunt for the Yeti

Good news for Myth-enthusiasts and others alike – Oxford University scientists have announced that they’re on the hunt for the elusive Yeti! And they’re serious about it too!

Using the latest in DNA analyses researchers now have the ability to take a serious look at remains claimed to belong to cryptids (cryptids are species whose existence has been suggested but never confirmed by science.) like the yeti and bigfoot. Now, Oxford University researcher Bryan Sykes thinks it’s time to revisit the issue using today’s advanced techniques.

“Mainstream science remains unconvinced by these reports both through lack of testable evidence and the scope for fraudulent claims…

It is possible that a scientific examination of these neglected specimens could tell us more about how Neanderthals and other early hominids interacted and spread around the world.”

It goes without regard that much of this effort is received with some skepticism from other peers. But in order to circumvent all that, Sykes is intending to approach the investigation with samples collected from museums, scientists, cryptozoologists and Heuvelman’s impressive inventory (Belgian-French scientist and explorer, widely regarded as the father of cryptozoology. Heuvelmans investigated reported sightings of the creature for over half a century before he died in 2001.)

His key point in this investigation will be centered around “rigorous genetic analysis” and publishing results in peer-reviewed scientific journals. By doing so, he hopes to distance himself as much as possible from the pseudoscientific stigma that comes with the territory of cryptozoology. But conducting the investigation under a banner of legitimacy will still be challenging.

Researchers in this project are now under the “submission” phase for the inclusion of any type of cryptozoological materials, as well as hairs and other samples, to do genetic testing and other such tests on them.

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  1. This is so fake #fake

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