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Robot Waiters in Thailand: Check Please!
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Robot Waiters in Thailand: Check Please!

Next time you get a craving for Thai food and you so happen to be in Thailand, you might want to catch a bite to eat at one of the most unique restaurant experiences around. The Hajime restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand has made headlines worldwide as the cafe with robot waiters!

After the almost $1 Million dollar investment, the restaurant has seen incredible success with their samurai-dressed humanoids that glide back and forth on tracks as they serve their customers shabu-shabu style dishes made by human cooks.

The machines made by Motoman of Japan, never take any breaks and aren’t programmed for tips. If they ever run into some spare time, they like to show off their slick dance moves to their guests!

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Author: Christian

2 Comments to “Robot Waiters in Thailand: Check Please!”
  1. ur evil twin says:

    wow there must be a lot of IRON in there food! ~ba da ching~

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