Believe It or Not!
The Incredible One Man Band

The Incredible One Man Band

Arthur Van Poppel is better known as “The Music Artist” with more than thirty years of experience he brings sparkling entertainment and music for all ages. But this we’ve heard time and again with all the millions of talented artists around the world – why so special Mr. Van Poppel? What makes Mr. Van Poppel unique are his inventions. With precise timing and accompaniment they serve him as his full blown band.

The Nautilus

His latest creation is a technical masterpiece using pieces from the wreck of the famous Nautilus, salvaged from the Atlantic Ocean! With a complete arsenal of wheels, handles, chains, gears, connections and complicated transmissions. This one-Man Band which can operate without an external power supply, is easy to maneuver, applicable for many purposes, can operate in rainy weather, can move through double doors of buildings and has the possibility of using wireless microphones and orchestral backing tracks! Check out the videos!

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