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The Wildest Zoo you'll ever visit
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The Wildest Zoo you’ll ever visit

I know what you’re thinking…A zoo that let’s you walk into the lion’s den and allows you to pet them like they were a house cat named fluffy? There’s probably a horrible accident about to happen, right?…

Contrary to popular belief this unbelievable zoo in the Outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina, allows you to do just that and they’ve managed to do so INCIDENT FREE since 1994! Visitors of the Lujan Zoo can do so much more than just admire the animals from afar, but if they feel brave enough, they can ride the backs of lions or hand-feed bears and cheetahs.

Believe it or not, zoo keepers are so confident of their animal’s behaviors and that nothing is going to go wrong that they don’t require visitors to sign any waivers before entering the animals’ cages, and they even allow small children in too!

The real question behind this incredible zoo is how exactly do they manage to tame such wild and predatory animals? According to Jorge Semino, the zoo’s director, the secret lies in his unique methods of raising the animals, which involve constant interaction with people. The big cats receive the most attention, and as soon as new cubs are born, animal trainers start work on diminishing violent instincts associated with competition for food.

They make sure they all have access to the mother’s teets and that nursing time is distributed equally. As they grow up, trainers start using vocal commands to teach the felines to recognize the difference between their hands and the meat they are fed. Dogs are also used as an example. Semino says the big cats witness as the canines gently and obediently interact with humans, and this serves as a good example for them.

Despite accusations of the zoo’s animals being sedated so they don’t pose a danger to visitors, zoo representatives have denied these claims arguing that it would be impossible to constantly drug the animals because they would soon become sick and die.

“The only way is to raise them from when they are babies and educate them with love, affection and respect, and they will return the same,” the Lujan Zoo director said about his methods.

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Author: Christian

6 Comments to “The Wildest Zoo you’ll ever visit”
  1. Omg! I wanna go to that zoo! I would love to pet a komodo dragon :)

    • I agree! It seems awesome! I love komodos to :)

    • Hi, you don’t want to visit this zoo trust me. you can visit you tube for videos people have filmed of these animals, clearly sedated. while there have been no incidents with people, the keepers, who are just out of high school, receive 0 training, and are without any insurance, have injuries all over their arms. A reporter with an undercover camera got beat (on camera!) up by the zoo’s owner and “guards” for asking questions as to the deplorable conditions of the animals in 07. Furthermore, in Argentina the interaction between such animals and visitors in a zoo is against the law! Which is why we are doing our best to try and shut them down,

      we ask that anyone planing to visit this zoo refrain from doing so and discourage anyone else who may be planning to visit.

      thank you for taking the time to read this loooong comment.

  2. Please do not visit this Zoo! You can see videos on youtube of the animals clearly drugged. Not to mention that while there have been no incidents with visitors the staff (young, untrained, without insurance of any kind) are covered in injuries. Besides this, the physical interaction of this type of animals with zoo visitors is against the law in Argentina, not only because of the physical danger but because of the diseases that humans can pass to the animals and vice versa. Sadly there is very poor control of this zoo.
    There is also the subject of the suffering of the animals themselves, who are drugged, overcrowded and subjected to horrible things in the name of “entertainment”(ie. adults sitting on lions’ backs, one man grabbing a young bear by the ankles and swinging it around (bear was clearly heavily drugged), etc…).

    We here are doing our best to shut it down, we ask that anyone considering visiting this zoo refrain from doing so and discourage anyone else planning a visit.

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  4. I would love to pet a lion but I completely disagree with this but I would love to go. the reason I disagree with this is because I don’t think a wild animal can be tamed especially if this animal eats meat but this is a cool idea but the kids should stick to the petting zoos and this zoo or any zoo should require waivers because jumpoline does hahahahh lolz

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