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Unbelievable Feats of Superhuman Prowess
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Unbelievable Feats of Superhuman Prowess

Next time you have a sore head, spare a thought for Li Xin who has quite literally hit the nail on the head.

Many of us think that our job is a big headache, but it’s not for the 47 year old Li Xin from China who spends his whole day practicing to balance his head on a spike and he has been doing this from last 20 years.

His weight is 66kg and he manages to balance the total body up side down on his skull. Li Xin can do this stunt for up to 10 seconds, as we all know many people can manage to balance upside down but on headstand not on spike.

Putting his hands out to the side, he balanced all his  66kg (107lb) body weight, putting intense pressure on his skull.

Li Xin shows off the spike mark

After the stunt, Li Xin leaned forward to show off a small but definite indent on the top of his head.  It’s not just his head that is as hard as nails – he also balanced all his body weight on a similar spike against his stomach. The spike was placed on a stool and Li Xin pulled back his shirt and lowered his body onto the spike. He then lifted his arms and legs in the air, holding a starfish pose.

The likelihood of this spike piercing his skin is reduced  because the end is shaped into a larger blunt arrow, meaning there is more surface area for Li Xin to balance upon.

More Superhumans Are Around Us

Here at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! we have found many amazing, almost too hard to believe people with incredible physical and mental abilities. We have added a few videos to this post to share with you just a few samples of this remarkable individuals possessing abilities that most of us would simply think are impossible.

People like Chad Netherland,  a true master of strength and destruction holding more Guinness world records in martial arts and strength than anyone else in the World. In one of the videos above Chad keeps two airplanes at full throttle from taking of in opposite directions! Or Master Zhou, featured in one of our syndicated TV shows, who can channel his Chi energy and produce temperatures with his bare hands of up to 206 degrees Fahrenheit.  BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

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Author: Otelo

10 Comments to “Unbelievable Feats of Superhuman Prowess”
  1. That must hurt.His scull must be very solid

  2. Why would anybody want to do that? Stupid.

  3. Leslie Byrd says:

    Whoa piss

  4. that was incredible

  5. …ouch…

  6. thats sick in a good way

  7. oh come on says:

    this could easily go wrong. but very entertaining never the less

  8. 66 kilograms = 145.505093 pounds

  9. its a super dumb not a super human..

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