Believe It or Not!
Vampires Beware!

Vampires Beware!

Sold in the 19th century, Vampire Killing Kits contain the items considered necessary fir the protection of persons who traveled into the countries of Eastern Europe, where the populace was reportedly plagued with a peculiar manifestation of evil known as Vampires.

What’s Inside Your Typical 19th Century Vampire Killing Kit?

  • A pistol with accoutrements
  • Silver bullets
  • Cross
  • Wooden Stake
  • Professor Bloomberg’s new serum
  • Garlic powder and other concoctions

Did You Know?

Ripley’s owns one of the world’s largest collection of Vampire Killing Kits. No two kits are exactly alike!

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Author: Otelo

13 Comments to “Vampires Beware!”
  1. ive seen those before!

  2. well that is pretty cool but poor vampires if they were real.

  3. pudding cup says:

    where do you find this stuff???

  4. This was proven to be a hoax

    • Not at all … as a matter of fact we are still finding out more information about these kits. Next week we have a “vampire” gentleman from the UK who is a gun expert. He is gong to examine the different guns in a bunch of the kits to ascertain the date when they were made.

  5. wow!! thats really cool i saw like 100,000,000,000 zombies and vampires in my back yard yesterday!! i used a kit with barbie dolls to kill them, they toppled over like dominos from the barbies ugly hair!! im not kidding!!

  6. Big O,

    The kits are fakes, composed of old parts mingled with artificially aged material. There is no contemporary (19th century) validation for the claims they were sold to travellers in Europe.

    I asked Edward Meyer about the process of verification, ‘Do you have—or are you aware—of any 19th century documentation mentioning their use or sale?’ He said: ‘No, we have nothing any earlier than 1990 mentioning their existence.’

    He also mentioned, ‘I personally have not done any deep research on this subject; my information is based on popular internet articles, news stories and verbal communication with people who were writing MA thesis on vampires.’

    Such kits are often sold in auction houses, but they, too, do little to verify them, even though they sell for several thousand dollars.

    When museums house them, they generally allude to the 20th century origins of these kits. For example, the The Mercer Museum, Doylsetown, Pa., acknowledges their kit is composed of ‘both historical items and “made up” artifacts that found its way into the antiques market sometime in the 1970s or 1980s’ and the labelling associated with the kit ‘is of 20th century vintage that has been artificially “aged.”‘

  7. smallwhale514 says:

    whoa!better watch out Cullens they’re on to you XD

  8. It resembles to those stupid things……

  9. i dont believe in vampire that is still exist

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