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Volcanic Cooking: An Unbelievable Eatery

Volcanic Cooking: An Unbelievable Eatery

Feast your eyes barbeque fans!

This oddball restaurant is located on top of an active volcano and is sure to get your kebabs grilling nice and crispy…

Powered by a flaming inferno that reaches to a deep pit underground, chefs at El Diablo Restaurant can safely rely on their “kitchen appliance” of choice to never break down. Or to erupt for that matter as there is reportedly no danger of the semi-dormant volcano blowing sky high.

Designed by artist/architect/eco-warrior César Manrique, the circular dining room offers panoramic views of the surrounding aftermath, devastated centuries ago by a series of volcanic blasts. The fallout from these eruptions made up of lumps of dark, hardened lava and ash makes for a ‘post-apocalyptic-esque” landscape. NASA is known to research the area for future lunar missions and perhaps to take advantage of some volcano-roasted chicken too.

The restaurant has been in place since the 1970′s and serves traditional Canary Islands cuisine.

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Author: Christian

5 Comments to “Volcanic Cooking: An Unbelievable Eatery”
  1. Source credit would be nice, Mr. Christian, or did you just happen to find this story floating around?

  2. wow…this is really unbelievable…

  3. yusuf faisal says:

    its amazing

  4. Where is this place at? I didn’t see an locations put down, except for on a volcano.

  5. I would not do that no matter how much you pay me.

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