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Whiteboard Masterpieces During Lunch Breaks

Whiteboard Masterpieces During Lunch Breaks

Have you ever created a masterpiece? Whether it was a drawing or an outdoor patio deck, Do you remember how long it took you to create? How much of yourself you had to invest? Now imagine completing your masterpiece and then destroying it. As unfathomable as it may sound, that’s exactly what Gregory Euclide, a Minnesota artist and high-school art teacher does to his amazing whiteboard art. Everyday.

Mr. Euclide is a talented artist but just like many artists out there, he’s got to pay the bills. So he teaches art at a local high school where he has made it a habit to create unbelievable works of art on his whiteboard. He explains that as a way to relax his mind from the day-to-day stresses of teaching 38 students an hour for 5 hours a day, 8 months out of the year – he gives himself 25 minutes everyday during lunch to finish sketches that he enjoyed drawing.

His materials are simple. Basically, anything and everything around his desk that could help draw, blend and shade – namely an assortment of brushes, sumi ink, spray bottles, erasers and paper towels. As incredible as they are, why would he ever erase them after each school day? As Euclide explains, it’s because he would only dedicate just 25 minutes to each of them, they weren’t incredibly precious to him. He mainly wanted to show his students what could be done in such a short period of time.

Students would walk in the following day
and would see that the artworks he created just the day prior were simply washed away – as you could image, many of them couldn’t understand how someone could create something so special and then just destroy it. Euclide responds with:

“I was trying to convey something about value, something about impermanence and maybe something about using time to better oneself…to possibly interest them. Many of them were interested in the process.”

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  1. i am sure that he is a wonderful teacher who has a valuable outlook on life. beauty is meant to be enjoyed in the moment. :)

  2. Mr whiteboard says:

    This is very breathtaking whiteboard art.

  3. Great images! Here are some other examples of whiteboard videos –

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