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World’s Oldest Living Man Celebrated his 115th Birthday

World’s Oldest Living Man Celebrated his 115th Birthday

Born on April 19, 1897, Jirouemon Kimura is Japan’s oldest person and the world’s oldest man. This past April he celebrated his 115th birthday! Kimura worked at a local post office for 38 years before He changed careers after his retirement at 65 and became a farmer, not stopping until the age of 90.

Mr. Kimura currently resides in western Japan near Kyoto and spends most of his time in bed these days. However, he still manages to eat his three square meals everyday with his family and reads the daily newspaper to keep his mind active. Learning English is among one of his new interests that he’ll often put into practice…

“Thank you very much. You are very kind man,” Kimura told reporters

Kimura has seven children (five who are still alive), 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great-grandchildren.

“It is all thanks to the grace of god,” Kimura said. “I have nothing but gratitude for the life I’ve been given.”

At his age, Kimura has had quite a life – he was around when the Wright brothers had their first flight, lived through two world wars just before his 48th Birthday, watched as man landed on the moon and was into his 90′s when the World Wide Web was born.

The oldest living man in the world
, Kimura is just 237 days shy of the oldest living person, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. That title belongs to supercentenarian Besse Cooper, who lives in Monroe, Ga.

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Author: Christian

5 Comments to “World’s Oldest Living Man Celebrated his 115th Birthday”
  1. Charles Hasley says:

    He don’t look much more 100.

  2. Kayla Brunick says:

    That is so cool, Happy birthday.

  3. Wow he don’t even look 115 year old

  4. simon parish says:

    i wish his more life. if possible one day i will meet with him

  5. He might actually remember the Cubs winning a World Series!

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