Believe It or Not!
World’s Largest Ball of Chewed Gum

World’s Largest Ball of Chewed Gum

Not Your Ordinary Giant Ball of Gum

After 6 years, Barry Chappell has created something that truly needs to be seen to be believed. Weighing in at 175 pounds and measuring 62” in circumference, Chappell has sculpted a giant ball made entirely of chewed Nicorette gum.

How Do You End Up with a 175 lbs Ball of Chewed Gum?

“What started out as kind of a joke between my daughter and me has turned into a really fun project over the last few years,” said Chappell of how the gumball started.
Chappell was a heavy smoker for many years, but his life changed 15 years ago when his son was born. He immediately quit smoking, switching to Nicorette gum as a means of transition, but it soon became so much more. What began as a promise to his family soon turned into a crazy adventure that would eventually set a world record. BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

95,200 pieces later

95,200 pieces of Nicorette gum later, Chappell has reached his goal, and Ripley’s Entertainment is coming to Art & Coin TV to make it official and present their first award ever for the World’s Largest Medicated Gumball.

So … How Exactly Do you “Grow” Something Like This?

First of all, you need a strong stomach and a great sense of humor.

Alright,  you may need a few other accoutrements in order to create a gigantic ball of chewed up medicated gum that measures 62 inches in circumference and weighs in at 175 lbs (more than many adults).

Check out the necessary requirements in case you too want to create your own gum ball.

Here is the list:

  1. A complete and utter addiction to nicotine.
  2. A willingness to spend around $30,000 in Nicorette Gum over a six year period.
  3. Access to a sauna (see below for THAT explanation)
  4. A spray water bottle
  5. A hairdryer (also see below for that one)

The slideshow below gives you the basic steps that Barry goes through to add more pieces of chewed gum to the already existing behemoth on the kitchen counter.

  1. Warm up the smaller chewed pieces of gum in a sauna
  2. Liberally spray with water to keep it malleable
  3. Pick up the goop and play with it
  4. Take the semi-melted gum and carry it to the kitchen
  5. Just like Play-Doh … start blending with the rest of the mass
  6. Keep it warm and pliable with a hairdryer
  7. Enjoy the fruits of your labors?

Do You Want to Know Even More About It?

You can watch the live presentation on DirecTV channel 223, or live at on Thursday, January 26th, at 8pm EST / 5pm PST.

For more information about the ball or Barry Chappell, and for more images or appearances, please contact Christi Lazar at or (424) 212-8413.


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Author: Otelo

11 Comments to “World’s Largest Ball of Chewed Gum”
  1. Lane Williams says:

    Sorry, but what the heck is wrong with people today? I mean this guy has a press agent because he knows how to chew gum?

    That’s the only “unbelievable” story here. JMO.

  2. Some one has to much time on there hands. Yuk !

  3. thats kinda gross but awesome

  4. Lol i wanna know what he’s wife thought about it! “UHHH HONEY!! Why is there a GAINT GUM BALL on the counter??!!”

  5. I live in Finland, so of course i have a sauna, but the hell am i gonna waste precious seats for gum!

  6. I actually still can’t quite believe that I could possibly be one of those studying the important ideas found on your blog. My family and I are truly thankful for your generosity and for offering me the potential to pursue my personal chosen profession path. Thanks for the important information I obtained from your site.

  7. sakiem winston says:

    30,000 over 6 years… for sum gum wtf!

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  11. Challenge EXSEPTED

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