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3D Paper Art

3D Paper Art

Cheong-ah Hwang creates images out of layers of paper, to give off a 3D effect. She focuses on a variety of subjects such as animals, fairy tales, and iconic geek icons.

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Author: Dan Philibin

9 Comments to “3D Paper Art”
  1. o: Ahh-mazing details. :)

  2. Ross Cameron says:

    i used to think i was good with origami but now i know i have only made a small foldd in the origami world as i made up an origami hedgehog

  3. wow i like the alice one

  4. Cool i like wish i could do it

  5. i love the humming bird

  6. alice and wanda land! gansta style!

  7. turtle luver says:

    go star wars

  8. WOW That’s Awesome I wish i can do that and Iron-man was Pretty cool And on the 2nd picture it’s a worm not a ghost-like creature.

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