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Beer Can Car Models

Beer Can Car Models

55 year old engineering laser cutter, Sandy Sanderson started creating beer can car models after he was badly injured in a motorcycle accident. So far he has created nearly 10 vehicles including vans and sports cars.  The tiny cars have gearsticks, peddles, and even glove boxes.

Mr Sanderson, who lives in New Zealand, said: “While I was off work, after the accident, I had the time to try making a racing car from drinks cans. “I have always looked at the bottoms of cans and thought ‘That would make a really neat half wheel’. “The plans for each car take around three or four weeks to complete and then around 80 hours to build each one depending on how detailed they are. “I actually don’t drink much because I spill most of it. “I drink Coca-Cola, and I like rum, but I have to persuade other people to drink the beer for me, fortunately I get plenty of offers for help there. “For what may appear to be just one can moving across a bonnet and down around a mudguard there could actually be five or six cans used to create that effect. “Some of the cars have required over 30 cans for their construction.”

Source: Telegraph

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Author: Dan Philibin

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