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Life-sized Challenger II tank made from egg cartons

Life-sized Challenger II tank made from egg cartons

Some people see egg cartons as a simple disposable carriers for the delicious and healthy food that’s produced by our hard-working chickens – others on the flip side, see egg cartons as the #1 building block for epic military machines. British sculptor Stuart Murdoch has done just that – made out of khaki green boxes of eggs, with a portion from the sale of each box going to the charity that helps wounded servicemen returning from war, the British now have a new addition to their military might.

This year’s event which took place on March 4th, had two major things to look forward to – a national egg and spoon race, and a life-size tank made of no less than 5,016 egg cartons. Along with the over 5,000 odd egg cartons, he also made use of over 10,000 nails, 26 liters of glue, 15 liters of paint, 80 sq. meters of steel and 5,013 staples in the creation of this epic tank. I’d hate to be the poor schmuck who had to count all that.

The entire project took Mr. Murdoch and his assistants only 3 weeks to complete from soup to nuts. That included 3 sleepless nights as well. The tank is on display to the general public in London’s Clapham Common.

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