Believe It or Not!
Millie Brown – Nexus Vomitus

Millie Brown – Nexus Vomitus

Meet Millie Brown, the Vomit Painter

Brown drinks brightly colored milk and then vomits onto her canvases while filming the process.

Brightly colored milk is the media used

You can purchase her paintings (this one, titled Nexus Vomitus, is available for $2400), though we have not been able to find any information about the shelf life of milk paint. It is also unclear whether beer + food coloring + sidewalk couldn’t produce a similar result.

It's art time?

Nexus Vomitus (yummy!)


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Author: Otelo

21 Comments to “Millie Brown – Nexus Vomitus”
  1. Would she not have to like pump her stomach in order for her paintings not to hve any of her luch on it…gross but serious. She can’t just drink milk… And I’m sure u can get the same efect by spitting coloured milk from ur mouth to the canvas. Believe it or not? I don’t.

  2. It’s pretty, but I wouldn’t want it hanging in my living room… Every time I pass it, I would remember how that paint got on the canvas. >_>

  3. I feel sick nao :~§

  4. P.S. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. pudding cup says:

    ewww, ewww, ewww….thats messed up :(

  6. gross………..sick [literally & figuratively]

  7. I almost have to puke because i see it, Its terrible to put your finger in your mouth, Its smells terrible!

  8. EEEEWWW! That lady is SICK IN THE HEAD! WHY CAN SHE JUST POUR THE MILK ON THE CANVAS????!!!!! Visit my site at please!

  9. That’s art? Cool but really woman find a different way of making money! Getting yourself almost really sick isn’t a way to live!

  10. This is very disgusting…you can get the exact same effect if you use a PAINTBRUSH and SPLATTER paint onto the canvas, not by using your being to hurl it onto the canvas! Who would really pay more $2000 for a canvas full of vomit?

  11. would the paintin not stink of sick blaghhhh (puke)

  12. Preety unique way of doing it. :)

  13. those paintings cost 2000 dollars?! Who will pay that for something that came of another person stomach?

  14. people would think thats grose but i think it really cool put some art the internet if you reed this :) :);)

  15. Now it feels like im gonna throw up!

  16. I’m not going to say anything except… never mind

  17. i sorta like it. its very …………. uniqe and cool

  18. i know that thing smells gross

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