Believe It or Not!
Paper Couture

Paper Couture

Nothing Lasts Forever

Jum Nakao is an artist who understands that nothing is permanent.  He created an all paper runway collection as part of the Paper-Fashion exhibition at the Moma, and his finale shocked the audience.

Sewing the Invisible

Nakao called his collection “A costura do invisivel”, which translate to “sewing the invisible.”  Each piece of his collections is intricately designed, with details that can only be appreciated when scrutinized up close.

The collection took roughly 700 hours to complete…which makes the next part even more shocking.

The Final Finale

At the end of the runway show, the models TORE OFF the couture creations, ruining them in the process! Nakao explains:

All of my works, for example the paper-made “A costura do invisivel” fashion line , have a playful relationship with the spectator. This lightness is necessary to get a distance from reality and a connection with the invisible, with people’s imagination, to let them see it from a different perspective – a less realistic one.

*Watch a video of runway show and destruction of the garments posted at the top of the blog

Don’t’ Worry!

Although the pieces are gone forever, some amazing photos were left behind.  Check out the gallery of “A costura do invisivel




Photos by Sandra Bordim via Jum Nakao. Others about Jum Nakao: Juli et sa Mode, Within Focus,

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  1. so amazing and litiral

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