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Pass the salt please!
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Pass the salt please!

If you are prone to easily dehydrate, or like your food bland, this might be a tad saltier than you may be comfortable with. Prepare to be salted!

Japanese installation artist Motoi Yamamoto has made a name for himself on the international art scene by crafting gigantic, intricately detailed works from an original medium: SALT.

Yamamoto uses regular Morton table salt to create some of the most jaw-dropping and ridiculously complex works of art you can imagine. Check out the two videos above (click the large header image)

Yamamoto’s installations can take weeks to prepare and are often “poured” from a vessel resembling a ketchup dispenser. Each piece is painstakingly worked to replicate a pre-designed ephemeral pattern that will often spread over multiple rooms.

One thing is certain, Yamamoto’s unique works of art never need “just an extra pinch of salt” to make them truly unbelievable.


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Author: Otelo

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  1. pretty art work of salt

  2. The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston organized a traveling exhibition of Motoi Yamamoto’s work.
    Find out where he’ll be next here:

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