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The $47,000 Kid’s Bed

The $47,000 Kid’s Bed

Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter and I want her to be happy, but there is no way in heck she’s getting a $47,000 princess bed. No that is not an extra zero in there by mistake, this bed STARTS at $47,0000. It boasts a spiral staircase, slide, and built in book shelves.

If a princess castle isn’t your thing, you can also purchase a Fantasy Coach bed for the same price.

Or for a relative bargain, you can steal this English Tudor bed or only $14,450.00.


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Author: Dan Philibin

2 Comments to “The $47,000 Kid’s Bed”
  1. i want that and i’m a women!

  2. umm at first you typed 47,000 but it changed to 47,0000 which made me scared but oh well

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