Believe It or Not!
The "Wow!" is in the Writing

The “Wow!” is in the Writing

Closer … closer … click the image … now read the words. OMG! is exactly right.

Believe It or Not! each one of the popular images in this page are made completely from the words in each of the stories! Follow the white rabbit into Alice in Wonderland.

You may have to get a tad closer (or click the image)

Let’s take a closer look. The images you see were created by the words in the stories they illustrate.

The artist writes the words to the story upside-down and from left to right to avoid ever smudging the ink.

Check out the detail around The Godfather’s red rose. “What’samatter? Trigger too tight?”

Writing or Drawing or Both?

Check it out for yourself. Talk about illustrating a story … this is more like writing the story in order to illustrate the story and ending up with a completely one-of-a-kind amazing piece of art.

Ready to go to Emerald City and visit The Wizard of Oz?

We, you know what to do … “Follow the yellow brick road” … or click the image and get a closer look and see the magic.

Unbelievable? Believe it!



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