Believe It or Not!
Weird Valentine's Day Chocolates

Weird Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Here’s a fun way to break out of the traditional box of chocolates “mold” we’re all used to seeing. We’ve gathered a small collection of “out of the box” chocolates on this time-honored day of love and all the weird, unbelievable and bizarre that comes with it. Enjoy!

For the medical professional you love: the anatomically correct heart


Chocolate tools: Fit to make any brawny man burst into tears.


Historic White Chocolate Stonehenge


Just Eat It


Chocolate Nail Set


Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate


Confess your love. Spill your guts.


Check Mate


Chocolate Heels: How long will this pair last in your closet?


You have the right to remain delicious



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Author: Christian

18 Comments to “Weird Valentine’s Day Chocolates”
  1. hahah love it were can u buy these like if u want a bite of a scupture


  3. The chocolate woman from worth1000 is photoshoped and the camera looks sprayed. I thought Ripley’s would show only real things??

  4. I don’t care what it looks like, it’s still chocolate right?

  5. Chocoloco says:

    I can’t eat art…

  6. Imagine if they make statues out of chocolates and make a place out of it!

  7. edward is creepy

  8. hahaha…for me, I would want to have a chocolate piano, then my Life would be complete…

  9. Omg! This made me hungry! I would eat the shoe! Sooo cool!

  10. i would wear the shoes

  11. palydoh is fun to paly with this is not fun to play but it is super good :)

  12. Yum.. I would Eat The Chess!

  13. celse armondo says:

    i love cocolate i would want the chess

  14. The awesome says:

    I love chocolate i would eat all of it in 5 minutes

  15. where can you buy han solo cholclate

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