Believe It or Not!
World's Largest Sushi Roll

World’s Largest Sushi Roll

I love sushi and I used to think that there was no way that I could ever get enough, but I think this restaurant in Japan may have dished up more sushi than I could ever eat.

Godzilla-sized Sushi Roll

Located in the Aichi Prefecture, the Umewaka Restaurant in Anjo City serves their rolls in humongous sized portions.

Believe It or Not, a roll can weigh upwards of 13lbs!

What would you use for chopsticks on something that size?



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Author: Brie

7 Comments to “World’s Largest Sushi Roll”
  1. yummy yummy yummy!

  2. is that even healthy?


  4. Greenpeace: look away now!

  5. Its no way not one can eat that maybe a party if 6 lol

  6. Aimee the Awesome says:


  7. Mine! I want that now!

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