Believe It or Not!
A Look Inside Ripley's Amazing Warehouse

A Look Inside Ripley’s Amazing Warehouse

Edward Meyer, Ripley’s VP of Archives, does an interview with Joe Burbank and gives us an look inside the amazing and strange world of Ripley’s Warehouse. From 19th Century Vampire Killing Kits, to prom dresses made out of thousands of StarBurst candy wrappers … the artifacts and works unbelievable items that flow through the shelves of the warehouse are sure to astonish both young & old alike.


Come inside and take a quick glance at our fantastic world!

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Author: Otelo

17 Comments to “A Look Inside Ripley’s Amazing Warehouse”
  1. OMG I looooove Ripley’s Believe Or Not!! I watch the show, read the books, and post on the website (DUH)! I’m only nine, but it’s just really fun to watch, read, and post! I have ONE question. Is Ripley a person?

    -Melissa <3 <3

    • Yes, his name is Robert Ripley

    • yes he is named after pooooo

    • yes ripleys was a person, but obviously an amazing one! i so want to go to the attractions! he used to be a cartoonist in a newspaper and then he started to travel the world looking for crazy, interesting & freaky things to put in his cartoon column. i think that is how there is now ripleys believe or not and loads of other cool stuff named after him now! i really wanna get a job like him when i’m older! sadly he’s dead now- but still- i think he deserves loads of respect, aswell as every one/thing that are on the shows, in the books & at the attractions! ;D

  2. OMFG im obsessed with everything weird and freaky

    whish to have his job it will be the most amazing thing

  3. barbara mizuno says:

    How can I find my grandfather in your archives? He was a jeweler in Rochester Minnesota in the 1915-1925 his agate which was an incredible scene with trees, mountains etc, but all natural agate rock was featured in either the local paper of your publication at the time. I’d love help finding
    more about it. Did Ripleys have a column in the newspapers at that time?

    His name was Martin Baldwin

  4. wow Ripley is awesome!!!!! he is sooo cool well I’m ten but i love tippets work i wish i had a job like that

  5. did you see the guy that can rip his skin off? did you see the guy that swam under ice 150ft?

  6. wha r u guys talmbout

  7. i love evrey think ripley im 12 and i love the show and the book

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  9. random person says:

    Ripley’s Believe it or Not is weird but in a good way.

  10. the little heads creep me out my friend said they have bad spirits in them !

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