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Bloody Exciting

Bloody Exciting

Dangerous RING

Celebrating a goal for Swiss team Servette in 2004, recently married Portuguese soccer player Paulo Diogo jumped on the stadium fence and caught his wedding ring on the top.  When he jumped off, he left the ring and half his finger behind.  To add insult to injury, the referee showed him a yellow card for wasting time as the doctors searched for the missing finger!  Although doctors were unable to reattach the digit, Diogo quickly resumed his career.

The worst part?  He wasn’t even celebrating his own goal.  It was one of his teammates that had scored.  At least they won, 4-1.

No pain, no gain.


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Author: Marcie

2 Comments to “Bloody Exciting”
  1. jeez,he must be tuff!!!

  2. I saw that issue at Six Flags! When I was going in and my mom was giving the guy a ticket I saw his middle fingertip cut off!

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