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Celebrity Candy Portraits

Celebrity Candy Portraits

Mexico City artist Cristiam Ramos makes amazing candy portraits of celebrities. instead of paint, he uses Gummi Bears licorice, M&M’s and after dinner mints as his artistic materials. His works include likenesses of Elvis and Michael Jackson.

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Author: Amy

9 Comments to “Celebrity Candy Portraits”
  1. some of these are pretty cool. How many different artists create these?

  2. haha wow this is freaking coool :)

  3. Emily Rivera says:

    O.M.G.cOoL…… i love candy so watch out lady gaga candy person thing … oh did i say i love candy

  4. Very talented!! Awesome

  5. is that eminem?

  6. , the only way to know the real reasons was to personally interview men.

    Way before people got to learn about AIDS, both kids
    already died from this threough transfusions. Perhaps sshe knerw how far ahead of
    her time shee was.

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