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Changing Faces

Changing Faces

Inside the 2012 Annual

Lucky Diamond Rich has undergone many incredible transformations since he was born Gregory Paul McLaren of New Zealand.  Nowadays he works as a circus and street performer in Adelaide, Australia.  He has long entertained audiences with a shiny smiling mouth full of silver-capped teeth, and elaborate tattoos.

Just a few years ago, we featured him in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Expect the Unexpected and showing his silvery smile back before he had any facial tattoos.  In the years since that picture was taken, he has taken his tattoos to a whole new level.

Lucky Diamond Rich

Not just content to sport tattoos on his arms, legs, and torso, he has since completed the process of inking the entirety of his body.  By entirety, we mean everything, 100%.  His ears, his lips, the webbing between his fingers and toes, and his eyelids!

Ever the innovator, he has gone on to change his body in new ways, making use of scarification to further change his body.  The growth of scar tissue is used to make designs and images on the body, sometimes in 3D.  Scratches, cuts, branding and abrasions can produce permanent designs with a look much different from tattooing, which is something Lucky has used to great effect.


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Author: Marcie

7 Comments to “Changing Faces”
  1. wow – this is definately over the top…

  2. I Love it more power to him :)

  3. mannnn wow, this man scaired the hell out of me!! what would make him want to do somthing like that to hiself??

  4. Way cool! awesome! I love it.

  5. :O that is…EPIC!!!

  6. it would be awesome to have one big tattoo.

  7. *Sees face at the top of page* AH! GO AWAY! GO AWAY! YOU BEASTLY THING!!!

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