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I Spy With My Little Eye

I Spy With My Little Eye

Willard Wigan, a sculptor from Birmingham, England, makes amazingly detailed microscopic sculptures. In 2011, Ripley’s managed to acquire 97 pieces of his work to showcase in their museums. The Ripley’s team spoke to Willard:

“I work in a closet 4 ft across to minimize air disturbance, and often at night when the vibrations from traffic are less. It’s a messy space with bottles and tiny boxes containing ground diamond and glass, platinum, dust, those plastic clothes tags that I carve shapes into, cloth fibers, eyelashes, flies’ hairs—all the materials I work with.
I can be in there for 20 hours or so at a time. I have trained myself to increase my concentration—when I started doing this sort of work 40 years ago I used to put tiny ball bearings at the ends of my fingers and hold them there for three hours. I would thread a needle 200 times to increase my attention span. I now find I can concentrate to such an extent that I enter a semi-meditative state.

Pictured above: The Statue of Liberty in the eye of a needle!

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