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A Taste of the Wild Side

A Taste of the Wild Side

Inside Strikingly True, page 193.

In 2010, a Scottish brewery packaged bottles of its new beer, “The End of History,” inside the bodies of dead animals.

BrewDog sold bottles of its strong, limited-edition Belgian ale–made with juniper berries and containing a staggering 55 percent alcohol–for $1,000 if housed inside a dead squirrel and $750 for bottles encased inside a dead stoat.

The limited edition of 12 dead animal bottles was hand-crafted by a Yorkshire taxidermist using creatures that had died of natural causes.

Yum! Goes down smoother than the glass eye of a taxidermied rodent.

At 55% alcohol, that’s a pretty powerful beer. That’s stronger than typical “hard” liquors like vodka or whiskey, which are only about 40%. They used the same distillation process that other brewers use to create ice beers, but took it to a ridiculous extreme. Some people don’t even consider it beer, since it is so reliant on distilling.

The animals used to make the bottles are just one of many ways that people use roadkill to make art. Also, if you’re interested where the name “The End of History” comes from, it’s a high-brow reference to an argument by Francis Fukuyama about democracy and history.


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