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Armed to the Teeth

Armed to the Teeth

All of our Ripley’s Twists are now out as ebooks, including Twists Dinosaurs.

Open Mouths Sharper than a steak knife and bigger than a dagger, the teeth of the immense hunter dinosaurs were immense weapons. Other dinosaurs had broad, flat teeth that were able to crush bones to powder. Plant-eaters had teeth designed for slicing, chopping and grinding. We can use fossilized teeth to discover what sort of food a dinosaur ate. If the jaws are found intact, they can show how the teeth were used when the dinosaur was feeding. Dinosaur teeth can also show who ate who in the dinosaur world. Scientists have found marks that match the teeth of a Tyrannosaurus on the bones of a Triceratops. And the broken off tip of an Allosaurus tooth has been found stuck in a sauropod bone.


This page comes right from Twists Dinosaurs!

From terrifying Tyrannosaurus and gigantic Argentiniosaurus to vicious Velociraptor, mini Microraptor, and many more, meet the dinosaurs and explore their extraordinary world.

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