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On the Court

On the Court

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More than 46 million Americans play volleyball and there are around 800 million players worldwide. In fact, soccer is the only sport that more people play across the globe. Like basketball, tennis, squash, and badminton, volleyball is traditionally played on a court. All of these sports require you to be able to run about, have quick reactions, and be very fi t. Tennis players can cover 5 miles during a match!
Tennis players can also earn a lot of money. The winners of the singles’ titles at Wimbledon in London—the world’s oldest tennis tournament—receive $1.3 million. Basketball players can earn even more. Some get paid over $20 million a year!


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  1. Betsy McCurdy says:

    I am looking for an old Ripley’s article about Leroy “Boney” Matthews. He made it into Ripley’s for the most points made in one game.

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