Believe It or Not!
Rising from the Deep!

Rising from the Deep!

All of our Ripley’s Twists are now out as ebooks, including Twists Oceans.

If you could swim to the deepest parts of the ocean, you would be squashed to death in an instant by the huge weight of water above and around you. Sunlight can’t reach the deep, and an eerie gloom takes over in the inky darkness.
This habitat is so hostile that humans can only travel here in submersibles. So far, just two brave explorers have ever reached the deep ocean floor 6¾ miles down—that’s fewer than have been to the Moon and back! This underwater world is not empty of life, though. Weird and wonderful creatures have made a home in the depths. Many of them feed on marine snow and the remains of dead animals that have sunk to the seabed.


This page comes right from Twists Oceans!

From coastal waters teeming with life to the darkest ocean depths, meet amazing creatures such as the blobfish, candy flatworm, and harlequin shrimp on every page! Enjoy awesome facts and incredible photographs…plus extraordinary stores of the weird and wonderful from Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

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