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Space Is A Busy Place

Space Is A Busy Place

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If you’re curious about the otherworldly, take a peek into the crashing chaos of our Solar System.

Building a solar system isn’t a tidy job: after gravity pulled together our Sun and the planets, trillions of grains of dust and lumps of rock were left hanging about in space. There is a ring of scattered rubble between Mars and Jupiter called the asteroid belt, and even more rubble beyond Neptune.

Most of this rubble keeps itself to itself, but some of it falls through our atmosphere. If it is small enough, it drifts down to Earth and just makes everything a bit dustier. Bigger chunks burn up as meteors (shooting stars), and a few reach the ground as meteorites.

As an interesting side note, with each new bit of space junk in orbit around the earth, there is a greater chance of creating more space junk in accidental collisions. If it ever got bad enough, there’s a possibility that it might become too risky to travel into space. That is known as “Kessler Syndrome” by the people at NASA. I hope we never make that big a mess up there.



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