Believe It or Not!
Strikingly True hits stores!

Strikingly True hits stores!

Our newest annual is available in stores across the US and Canada starting today, September 13.

Strikingly True has more than 400 color photos and it’s our best book yet! It’s packed with all sorts of amazing, freaky and shocking stories.

You can get it online as well. Click any of these buttons to order it through! BUY in the USA BUY in CANADA BUY in the UK

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Author: Luke

6 Comments to “Strikingly True hits stores!”
  1. I bought the book and it was a very intesting book!

  2. WHO IS THE AUTHOR OF RIPLEYS BELIVE IT OR NOT BOOK??????????????????????????????????????????

  3. i want that book maybe ill get i know i wont regret it

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