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All of our Ripley’s Twists are now out as ibooks, including Twists Space.

Here’s a little more from Space, a look at the innermost planets of our solar system, Venus and Mercury.

Though farther from the Sun than Mercury, Venus is even hotter (about 860°F), because it is blanketed by a thick atmosphere. Without protection, you would die quickly, and not just from the heat: on Venus the air is deadly. Conditions on Venus are so extreme that no space probe that has managed to land there has survived for more than a few hours.

The reference to the space probes on Venus are about the Venera program by the Soviet Union. They launched a whole series of robotic probes to the planet in the 70s. With temperatures of 800°F, high pressures (about the same as standing under 30 feet of water) and acidic air, the probes only survived for 2 hours at most — and the first few only lasted as little as 23 minutes.


This page comes right out of Twists Space!

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