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Vampire Woman Body Casting

Vampire Woman Body Casting

The Process

Doing a full body cast on a person is a long and grueling process for both the artists and the model. It is generally done is several stages to ensure the comfort and well-being of the person who is getting cast.

The Ripley’s F/X team will generally start either with the legs, or the upper body and work their way through the rest of the body. Usually, both legs are done simultaneously, but in this case they did each leg separately.

The process is always similar. First some vaseline is applied to areas with hair or clothing (like underwear) to avoid the blue rubber layer to stick to the person. The blue molding gel is then spread all over the section of the body being worked on. It is a viscous gelatinous goop. It is the element that captures all the details and features of the model. Once the gel sets enough, plaster bandages are applied over it to create a hardened shell around the cured gel layer. Lastly, after a few minutes of drying and hardening, both the cast and the blue rubber-gel is peeled off the model.

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  1. wow thats just messed up

  2. Maylyn Jordyn says:


  3. Kaeli Heins says:

    Wow! I’d love to do something like that- making the model, I mean. I can’t stand stil that long. It might be fun to jump around taking pictures, too . . .

  4. she looks funny

  5. i dont think i will be able to sleep tonight

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    web site, as here every information is quality based stuff.

  7. bojangle says:

    isn’t there about 6 hours of video of this with interviews?

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