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Vampire Woman

Vampire Woman

Ripley’s Ask:

Ripley’s talks to Maria José Cristerna, the Mexican tattoo artist who has transformed herself into Vampire Woman.

Can you tell us how you began your transformation?

I started with a piercing. I was 12 years old, and it was the gouged ears, and, well, if it’s strange now to see it on a 12-year-old girl, imagine in my times… even more! The black star tattoo on my left shoulder was my first. When I was 14, I convinced my dad to take me to get it, and from there on out, it’s been a gradual modification, my whole life.

Would you ever have any tattoos removed?

None. Because they are a part of me. It would be like trying to erase something that’s already been lived, and, well, it’s impossible; everything is a story. The one most meaningful to me is the one on my knee, because it symbolizes the four eyes that represent my kids.

Why eyes?

Because they are always going to be watching me, they will be copying my actions… you have to try and be better. And the broken heart [on her right thigh] symbolizes my parents. They both died of a heart attack, ten years apart, but they
will always be on my mind… and this is so they will always live on here.

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  1. My inspriration <3 i want a tattoo ._.) Im , well. . .just turned 14. You're my idol!! ^-^

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