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Vomit Artist

Vomit Artist

The Ripley’s Believe It or Not! team met up with Millie Brown to find out why and how she creates vomit art…

Millie, you create works of art from the unique medium of vomit—how do you do it?

Well, it’s a long process that involves drinking dyed soy milk at intervals—one color at a time. I then vomit onto the canvas, pausing between colors so that they retain their true colors and don’t mix together.

How difficult is it to get the paint where you want it to go on the canvas?

I often have a pattern in mind but also let it take its own direction, depending on the mood, you can never fully control it. But that’s what I like about the whole process, it makes every piece completely unique.

Do you need recovery time before you paint again?

I once did a performance where I vomited the whole rainbow, and I don’t think I could do that every day. I usually leave a month between performances, so I have enough recovery time.

Does vomiting as often as you do affect your health at all?

Not really. I am extremely healthy in every other way. I am a vegan and am very into nutrition. My performance clearly isn’t very good for me, but I think my overall healthy lifestyle the rest of the time balances it all out.

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Author: Amy

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  1. How Can She Just Throw Up Whenever She Wants To Make Some Art! I Think This Is Gross & Crazy At The Same Time Like Really How Can She Just Throw up Whenever She Wants To!I Really Don’t Get It

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