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Wax Champ

Wax Champ

World light-heavyweight boxing champion Bernard Hopkins was cast for a full-size wax figure at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! world headquarters in Orlando, Florida, in August 2011. Hopkins became the oldest boxer ever
to win a world title when he defeated Jean Pascal on May 21, 2011.
The process of immortalizing him in wax, however, was not a quick one, taking more than two days to complete.

First, Hopkins had a thick layer of special silicone applied to his head. When this had set, cast strips were added and left to dry. Then the entire piece was removed and the process repeated for the rest of his body—taking two days. With the body casting complete, artists at Ripley’s had an exact blueprint of Hopkins to use for the clay modeling and wax figure-making process. The silicone molds were precise down to his wrinkles, whiskers and even the pores in his skin.

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