Believe It or Not!
Beard Beer

Beard Beer

Going Rogue

Oregon brewer, Rogue, has always come up with some pretty inventive ales and names. They are the guys that brought you such quaffs as Dead Guy Ale, Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout, and Santa’s Private Reserve.  However, their latest concoction might be too weird…even for Ripley’s!

MMM Yeasty!

Brewmaster John 'More Hops' Maier

Rogue is  on a constant mission to harvest new strains of yeast, and when your company name is synonymous with going off the beaten path, you better be sure they will search in the most unexpected places.  Enter the brewmaster!

More Hops

Award-winning brewmaster John “More Hops” Maier hasn’t shaved his beard since 1978, so of course that is the obvious place to search for the next tasty strain of yeast.  When lab workers searched through Maier’s tufts of facial hair, they were excited to find a strain of yeast that is perfect for fermenting beer.  Maier says there’s no reason to be grossed out by the product, “Yeast is everywhere!”

Thirsty Yet?

Welll, you will have to wait.  The beard brew is currently still in the testing phase.  The new suds won’t be out till next year.


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